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Today, Christian Ullmann! Wonderful tip! Emoticón smile thank you!

Everyone should be a designer



chu idd

“To be able to design a product, you have to really want to change something, feel a certain discomfort and feel certain that your project will be better in something than others that already exist.

the hardest, it is objectively evaluate your project without emotional involvement – know that: design is subjective and everything become more difficult when the evaluated project is your own.

My tip is to pay attention, close attention: on people and their behaviour because this is where are all the questions and answers lye in order to improve a product. Us, mere mortals, intuitively try to do our best to have more comfort, functionality and pleasure to use the product and if they do not satisfy us, we modify something

Surely as you read this you are recalling a product that does not fulfil its function in a satisfactory manner – so, what are you waiting for? Pick up the product and think what can be improved, this way in small steps we will re-design the world.” Christian Ullmann

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