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new exhibition

MOTI and Museu da Casa Brasilieria in São Paolo (BR) are currently working together on a project named My Waste Is Your Waste. A unique collaboration to encourage an exchange of expertise between Dutch and Brazilian designers. The exhibition addresses the worldwide problem of waste management. Designers and artists are increasingly seeing waste as a creative challenge, and with this exhibition the two museums want to highlight the recovery and recycling of materials. Is waste the new gold?

For some designers, working with waste is a necessity; for others it is a deliberate choice. But what if we turned it into a collaborative effort and heaped together all our expertise concerning waste? Can the rubbish dump thus created lead to new insights and pioneering collaborations? What can we learn from each other with regard to waste?

The exhibition provides an overview of the work of Brazilian artists and designers Rodrigo Bueno, Thiago Bender and Christian Ullmann and their Dutch counterparts Jan Eric Visser, Klaas Kuiken and Refunc. Aside from being an exhibition, My Waste Is Your Waste is also a temporary design studio at the MOTI building, during which the designers will be working together for a week. This Live Studio will be open to the public.

Opening Saturday 18 May
After the artist have worked together for a week we will be opening the exhibition by asking ourselves the question: could waste be the next gold?

It is a question that forms the focus of the entire exhibition period. Are we sufficiently aware of what we throw in the bin? Just what is the value of waste? Do we need waste in order to survive? During the opening the artists and a number of waste experts will be sharing their personal views on questions such as these.

100 seats will be available for the opening of the exhibition. If you are interested, please make a reservation through rsvp@motimuseum.com

Joanna van der Zanden, independent curator (NL)
Mara Gama, freelance curator and journalist (BR)